Members of Shalhevet’s senior class
Members of Shalhevet’s senior class

By Zahava Schwartz, Senior

The Israel admissions season has been a rewarding one for Shalhevet seniors, with each student accepted to virtually each seminary she applied to. Sha’alvim for Women, Michlalah, and MMY accepted every student who applied, and other seniors were accepted at Tiferet, Tomer Devora, Midreshet Moriah, and more. The acceptance rate is unprecedented, and speaks to the amazing caliber of Shalhevet’s graduating class of 2013.

“It was an exciting start to the beginning of winter vacation,” says senior Jennifer Giller. The process of applying to seminary began early in the year as Mrs. Hindy Feder, Shalhevet’s director of Israel guidance, helped the girls find and apply to seminaries that aligned with their personal goals and academic abilities. The high acceptance rate puts each Shalhevet student in the position to truly choose the seminary best suited for her. “Whatever decision I ultimately make, learning in Israel will be a great experience,” says senior Racheli Pressberg.

It’s no wonder that Shalhevet students are energized by the prospect of spending a year in Israel; Midreshet Shalhevet invests much time in Israel activism. Shalhevet’s Committee for Israel Advocacy ensures that students are updated on Israel happenings and have the opportunity to support Israeli causes. “I look forward to spending the year in Israel in order to broaden my knowledge and have a deeper understanding of Judaism,” says Giller. “Learning about our Jewish heritage while living in Israel will be a meaningful experience.”

Senior Philly Korman confirms, “Spending a year studying Torah in Israel will allow me to continue to strengthen the skills I have developed at Shalhevet.” v


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