Midreshet Shalhevet Open House

Have you ever dreamed about the perfect school for your daughter — a place where she can shine academically and sparkle while she pursues her extracurricular activities? In your mind’s eye, your daughter will not get lost in the crowd and her teachers are nurturing and warm so she can build her self-confidence and self-awareness. This seemingly “unicorn-like” school challenges your daughter to strive to create a course load that is both academically challenging and personally fulfilling, aimed to prepare her to not be intimidated by the world, but to be prepared for it.

What if your dream was not a fantasy at all and that perfect school already exists? That school is MSH — Midreshet Shalhevet. Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman articulated MSH’s mission of inspiring self-confidence in its students on Sunday, November 3, at the packed open house for prospective students and parents.

MSH, sister school to Rambam Mesivta, hosted its largest open house to date, with young ladies from 15 different elementary schools around Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn who came to see for themselves just what MSH stands for, and the stars they can become there.

After breakfast, over 300 people gathered in the packed sanctuary to hear from MSH students and administration. Ninth-graders Shaindy Hacker and Shany Steinberg began by describing their transition to high school, and just how at home they already feel within the halls of MSH. Shany explained, “What sets MSH apart from other schools is that its main focus is on you.” Shaindy added that she “chose a high school that is warm, challenging, and exciting all at the same time.”

Extracurricular options are open to students in all grades, student government has representation from all four grades, and lead roles in the play are given out based on merit, not class rank, explained the assistant principal, Shaindy Lisker. Mrs. Lisker’s favorite part of her job is getting to know these exceptional students and guiding them as they develop.

Every student gets involved and teamwork always leads to the special MSH school spirit. Emily Weintraub, 11th-grader, spoke about her experiences on mock trial and how she has been able to channel her love for Israel through the committee of Israel activism. This year, the school play is Alice in Wonderland, following a long line of runaway hits. Leah Cohen, 11th-grader, added that what is most important to the teachers and administration is “that each of the students is growing,” not merely based on grades or reaching benchmarks. That means that each of the teachers has to really know her students; the good news is that they do.

In short, the students grow into remarkable young women; aside from their SAT, ACT, and AP scores and top-notch colleges and seminaries that they are accepted to, it is their true love of Torah and learning that stands out. Menahelet Esther Eisenman,, gave tribute to the outstanding educators that form the backbone of the school, guiding students to evaluate and analyze the material, to search for solutions and achieve a lasting understanding, rather than mere memorization, highlighting MSH’s educational approach — critical inquiry. Questions in class are not only welcome, they are encouraged. The attention to each individual that permeates the entire school and the classrooms is what sets MSH apart. No one gets overlooked; everyone matters. Her final message to the attendees was that MSH is a smaller school by design, with big-school opportunities, both academic and extracurricular.

Following the speeches, the parents and students took part in mini class lessons, followed by a dessert reception and personalized sweatshirt pick-up.

If you missed out on this wonderful experience, you are invited to join the school any day for a personal tour of its wonderful classes, or at the upcoming parlor meetings. Please contact Sari Kahn, director of communications, at 516-224-0240, ext. 204, or admissions@midreshetshalhevet.org for more details.


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