Nechama Wolfson and her daughter. Photo credit: Rivka Lock

With summer underway and thoughts turning towards pools and oceans, Five Towns executive producers Penina Popack, Henya Storch, and Myrna Zisman brought the successful innovative Israeli show about a ritual water body to the American shores — the mikvah.

Created by Myra Gutterman and award-winning director Toby Klein Greenwald, “Mikvah the Musical: Music and Monologues from the Deep” brilliantly reflects many women’s experiences with this Biblical commandment. The talented actresses of Raise Your Spirits Theatre bring this mitzvah to life with parodied songs, drama, and humor. The accomplished cast, Adina Feldman, Ariella Ganz, Michele Thaler, Yael Valier and pianist Riva Schertzman, captivated the audience.

Nechama Wolfson and her daughter

The audiences at the shows from June 23-30, in Queens, Teaneck, Manhattan, and the Five Towns, gushed, clapped, and even danced along to songs based on “Maybe This Time” from Cabaret, “Lo Ahavti Dai,” “Rolling In The Deep,” “House of the Rising Sun,” “Let the River Run” and “I Feel The Earth Move.” The audience of over 150 women gathered at the beautiful Renov residence in Lawrence with refreshments by Gourmet Glatt.

Popack stated, “It was my true honor to work with this talented theatrical team and help elevate this production in many ways, and especially by creating back-lighting special effects to transform and accompany the honest emotions of the monologues and songs.”

Through her relationship with the Missoni fashion designer family, American tour coordinator Henya Storch, arranged the donation of their robes to the show’s costumes. “I felt it would add beauty and authenticity and was doubly delighted by the Missonis’ attendance at the NYC National Opera Center Show.” The Missoni Robes complemented costumes designed by Dena Davies, sponsored by Joy Glicker Lieber of Bridal Secrets.

Myrna Zisman, champion of the performing arts, said, “It was inspirational, uplifting and real in addressing many issues from newlyweds, ba’al teshuvas, infertility, disabilities, and many other realities of life.”

Batya Travis, a local mikvah attendant and creator of Harmony concerts for girls and women, said, “‘Mikva the Musical’ was fabulously empowering. I loved it.”

Visit to find out how to participate in this project and bring more performances around the world.


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