Despite not being familiar with Governor Cuomo and other prominent New York politicians, it appears as though 22-year-old Mindy Meyer is continuing her campaign to run for New York State Senate.

The New York Post caught up with the self-proclaimed “diva of the district” during her first fundraiser at a Long Island country club, where she brought along an elephant to “represent the Republican party.”

Meyer also weighed in on the Vito Lopez sex scandal, urging Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to step down from his post.

In July, Silver was among the politicians Meyer was unable to identify.

She did however, take time to pay her respects to her political inspirations, Rudy Giuliani and Ronald Reagan. Meyer also thanked the 15 people who showed up at the fundraiser for their “overwhelming support.”


  1. She is an reimbursement not just to Jews but to the human race.

    Someone knock some sense into her.

    Shameful that a Jewish kid should be used as a pub lix stunt like this and marched in front of TV crews to look like a fool


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