By Itamar Avrahami
The world is in turmoil! People live in growing fear. Confidence has plummeted. Few have escaped the aftermath of global depression and financial meltdown. One after the other, famed millionaires and renowned financial empires have collapsed; as banks and world institutions crumble, shockwaves rage through our global village, sparing almost no one. Real estate suffered a staggering blow when prestigious properties plunged to a tenth of their value. As the arteries of economy freeze, the public and its elected leaders realize that slogans and charisma will never lift us out of the morass. Catchwords cannot buy bread or businesses.
Businessmen, investors, real estate dealers, the man in the street–all ask the same question: what are we to do in our times? How can we know whether the next glittering business deal is a bonanza or fools’ gold? What should we do when modern medicine does not have all the answers and cannot solve every challenge?
Desperately, people weigh situations, seek advice, investigate trends, and ferret out financial savvy. Yet deep down, they yearn for something more. Secretly, they long for the rare individual whose vision breaks beyond nature’s everyday realm.
Faced with medical problems, a crumbling business environment, marital strife, and rebellious teenagers, what is a person to do? Who will provide him with a wider perspective in every sphere? Where is the person with the spiritual insight to guide us through life’s dilemmas?
The Answer
Thousands bless the day they first heard of the famous tzaddik, Rabbi Tzion Menachem, shlita. Entering his sanctum, people emerge with astonishment at his miraculous wisdom. “He is G‑d’s representative!” they proclaim, before rushing to act on his unexpected advice. Soon afterwards, they return to report success and seek further guidance.
Vast numbers of people visiting the rabbi are amazed at his accurate diagnoses and his knowledge of the particulars of their lives. Astonished, they heed the counsel of the world’s leading authority in formulating diagnoses and advice based on the famous kabbalistic book, Sefer Yetzirah (the Book of Creation), ascribed to Avraham Avinu, a book consistently utilized by the great kabbalists of the past.
The rabbi helps people of every community and sector solve whatever bothers them–health concerns, business, investments, and real estate, marital issues, or finding the perfect match for their children. Whoever consulted him once returns with another ten people.
Thanks to his advice and blessing, million-dollar business and real estate deals and knotty legal matters are concluded with astounding success.
Storming Heaven’s Gates
A Jew who was having trouble with the U.S. federal authorities arrived at the rabbi, shlita, in fear and trembling.
The most optimistic forecasts predicted he that he could expect to spend the next 15 years behind bars! “What will happen to me?” He tearfully asked the rabbi a few months before his judgment.
After gently calming him down, the rabbi promised that things were not as black as they seemed.
“I will pray for you and arrange a special tikkun (special kabbalistic prayer),” he assured him, “and with G‑d’s help you will be sentenced for no longer than a year and a half!” And indeed, contrary to every forecast, that is exactly what happened.
“Giving people advice is a heavy responsibility,” the rabbi says. Accordingly, he invests every ounce of his great wisdom into solving people’s problems. Hundreds of successful deals testify to his business acumen, while in health matters his counsel stems from a deep knowledge and experience of many medical fields including morpho-psychology, iridology, diet, and healing plants. In all these fields, professional diplomas testify to his proficiency. Rav Tzion Menachem, shlita, merges the teachings of the Sefer Yetzirah with deep understanding of medical sciences, both modern and ancient, including the Rambam’s medical teachings.
A childless couple once visited the rabbi in near despair. Every therapy suggested by doctors and clinics of every kind had failed miserably. The rabbi suggested a course of therapy combining segulot with natural healing, and in less than a year, the couple returned with joy in their hearts and a healthy baby clasped in their arms. Many salvations result from the rabbi’s unique Thursday-night tikkunim at the tomb of Shmuel HaNavi, which last many hours each week. The rabbi received the secret of these tikkunim from his teachers, the tzaddik Rabbi Mordechai Sharabi, zy’a, and the hidden tzaddik Rabbi Yoseph Dayan, zy’a. For many years, he has recited these exalted tikkunim and pidyonot nefesh (prayers that amend the flaws of people’s souls) according to the kabbalistic meditations of the Rashash.
His success in finding matches for unmarried children, his business acumen, and his miraculous healings in the merit of Shmuel HaNavi consistently leave people astonished.
By Public Demand
His admirers have repeatedly pleaded, “We implore the rabbi, shlita, to return to New York and help those who didn’t manage to see him during his previous visits.” Now, the gaon, Rabbi Tzion Menachem, shlita, is responding to these many requests and returning to the U.S. to meet all those yearning to see him.
During previous visits, the rabbi received people in Queens, Long Island, Flatbush, Boro Park, and Williamsburg, and people came to him from New Jersey, Florida, and other near and far states.
During this trip, the rabbi, shlita, will be receiving people in New York, November 23—December 4, at Congregation Bnei Aharon, 4424 12th Avenue (corner 45th Street), second floor, in Brooklyn. (Call 347-601-7665 or see the ad on page 69 to learn more.)


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