By Frimet Blum

Down Syndrome Child Taken Off Respirator. Mrs. Breindy Katina of Kiryas Yoel regaled the students of Bnos Zion seminary with the story of her daughter’s miraculous recovery. The little girl, who has Down syndrome, had open-heart surgery on June 10 to repair a defect. As usual during such an operation, she was put on a respirator. The surgery was successful, and about an hour after the patient was wheeled into the recovery room, the doctor, following standard procedure, tried an extubation, a procedure to take her off the respirator.

But something went terribly wrong. The little girl couldn’t start breathing on her own. As soon as the respirator was removed, her oxygen levels began to drop. The doctor had no choice but to put her back on the respirator. Over the course of the day, and throughout the following week, doctors kept trying to extubate her, to no avail. There appeared to be no solution. The child seemed to have lost her ability to breathe. Stymied, the doctors prepared the parents for the worst. On June 18, over a week since the surgery, a friend called Mrs. Katina.

“There’s a segulah to weigh a sick patient, and donate as much meat as the patient weighs to poor talmidei chachamim,” she said. Mrs. Katina grasped at the opportunity, and asked for more information.

“It’s from a big mekubal, Rabbi Chaim Palagi, zt’l. Mesamche Lev takes care of the whole thing,” said her friend. “You multiply the patient’s weight by $7.70, which is the cost of a pound of meat, and send it to Mesamche Lev. They use the money to buy meat for talmidei chachamim for Shabbos or yom tov. The talmidei chachamim pray for the patient, and it’s a tremendous zechus for a refuah.”

Mrs. Katina was already familiar with Mesamche Lev, and needed no convincing. She called the organization, told them that her daughter weighed 21 pounds, and donated $161.70 for meat. She made the call at 10:15 in the morning.

Minutes later, the doctor decided to try again. This time, the procedure went perfectly. The child began to breathe on her own, with no complications. By 11:00 a.m., she was transferred from the intensive-care unit to a regular room. She was discharged from the hospital the very next day.

“It was a miracle,” says Mrs. Katina. “There is no other way to explain it. The doctors didn’t know what to do with her, and then, in minutes, the problem was resolved. She got better so quickly.” She is quick to add that she has been a loyal donor to Mesamche Lev for years, and mentioned several of their many programs helping widows, orphans, and the poor.

Mesamche Lev has been helping the poor in Eretz Yisrael since 1971. One of the many ways they help the poor is by distributing meat and poultry. The recipient families are so poor, many consider a sliver of Shabbos chicken a luxury. When a patient donates funds for the Yeshuas Hachaim segulah to Mesamche Lev, the organization purchases meat and distributes it to talmidei chachamim in honor of the next Shabbos or yom tov. The segulah is very powerful, and many have seen remarkable yeshuos, not only for the sick, but also every sort of salvation.

Cancer Treatment Is Successful. When a young boy from Brooklyn was diagnosed with cancer, his parents were told to prepare for the worst.

“His prognosis is not good,” said the doctor. “The cancer is too advanced to cure.” But Yitty W. couldn’t just let her child die. She consulted with one specialist and then another, in search of a cure. No one offered much hope. Nine-year-old Shimmy was growing sicker every day. Things were so bad, the doctors didn’t even want to treat him. Why put a child through chemo, they said, when it was only going to make his final weeks miserable?

Then her aunt called to tell her about Yeshuas Hachaim, the segulah from the saintly mekubal Rabbi Chaim Palagi, zt’l. Mesamche Lev makes all the arrangements on behalf of the sick. They distribute the meat to poor talmidei chachamim and ask the recipients to pray for the choleh. The merit of the tzedakah can then bring healing to his flesh, so that he is cured.

“You have to do it,” Yitty’s aunt said. “Shimmy needs a yeshuah that is shelo k’derech ha’teva–supernatural. This segulah comes from a great mekubal. It is supernatural.”

With tears coursing down her cheeks, Yitty gazed at Shimmy. Her heart ached with love and pity. The new book she’d given him that morning lay on his pillow, unread. The yogurt from the Bikur Cholim room was on the bedside table. She’d cajoled him into eating one tiny spoonful. What was happening to the cute child who just a short while ago had won every race on the block? What was happening to the boy who used to devour everything she fed him, and then ask for more?

But this was not a time for painful memories. There was a segulah to do! With a sense of purpose, she strode to the nurse’s station and asked for Shimmy’s latest weight. It was 72 pounds–a good 8 pounds less than when he’d been admitted just two weeks earlier. Minutes later, she was on the phone with Mesamche Lev, to donate $554.40.

“It’s for Shimon ben Sarah Yitta,” she said. Feeling strangely relieved, she rushed back to Shimmy’s side. Things started to happen soon afterward. A doctor suggested a last-ditch treatment and though his colleagues didn’t think it would work, Yitty said to go ahead with it. Amazingly, it worked better than anyone could have hoped for–and after just three rounds of chemo, Shimmy’s tests results were promising.

Today, Shimmy is back in cheder. His peyos are still wispy, but he’s learning and running races again–and his appetite is terrific. Yitty credits Yeshuas Hachaim for his miraculous recovery.

“We saw it with our own eyes,” she said. “The very day I did the Yeshuas Hachaim segulah, things started turning around. The same doctor who had given up on Shimmy suddenly ‘decided’ to make a last-ditch effort to save him; and the treatment worked better than anyone could have imagined.”

“I told so many people about Yeshuas Hachaim, because it really works. The segulah of Rabbi Chaim Palagi, and the zechus of giving meat to the poor through Mesamche Lev, brings about miracles.” She added that as a longtime supporter of Mesamche Lev, she knew that if they were offering this segulah, it had to be worth trying.

“Mesamche Lev does such good work,” she says. “The amount of help they give to the poor is just mind-boggling. It’s not a secret that tzedakah tatzil mi’maves–charity saves from death. When you give to Mesamche Lev, it is a very high level of tzedakah. I recommend that people try Yeshuas Hachaim. I know that I will continue to support Mesamche Lev, hopefully in good health.” v

To learn more about Yeshuas Hachaim, call Mesamche Lev at 718-506-1400 or visit


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