Which child can claim that he met personally with the Presidential Candidate mere hours before the elections? Now, a whole group of children and adults affiliated with Misameach can. This past Sunday, less than two days before elections, Governor Mitt Romney held a rally in Yardley, PA with a few very special guests in attendance. Misameach, an organization whose mission is to bring joy and relief through sick children through entertainment and events such as this one, brought a group of patients and their families to the rally, an event which attracted 25,000 individuals. The group sat in special VIP seats right behind the governor.

But there was more still to come. After the rally concluded, this special group was granted the privilege of a private audience with the president hopeful.

Misameach received special clearance for this one on one late Motzaei Shabbos. They had only a couple of hours to provide identification for all members of the group in advance of the rally. Permission is granted and that is how a group of excited patients and volunteers got to meet with Romney, shake his hand and share some of the precious few moments left before elections. Governor Romney was amiable and relaxed as he chatted with the group, posed for photos with them and hugged some of the children.

One Misameach volunteer relayed to Romney that, ““The Orthodox Jews throughout the Tri-state area are all behind you and praying for you”, to which Romney responded, “We need more of those!”


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