Hundreds of children who have lost parents, R’l, will be treated to a magical day of events on the third day of chol ha’moed Sukkos (September 23), as part of the biannual chol ha’moed event, sponsored by the highly respected Misaskim organization. Each chol ha’moed Sukkos and Pesach, Misaskim treats these children and their parents to a day packed with exciting activities so that they can feel like all children do during chol ha’moed.

Last year, over 500 children and 100 adults enjoyed a tour of the Intrepid museum and other events. This year, the outing will begin with a Circle Line boat ride around Manhattan, lasting from 10:30 a.m.—2:00 p.m. The ride will include unique and exciting entertainment, including a magician/ventriloquist, and an interactive parrot show. Once the boat docks, the children will be bused to Boro Park where they will enjoy a fully catered meal in a 5,500 square foot sukkah. After the seudah, the festivities will continue with a magnificent simchas beis ha’shoevah. The entertainment will be led by the renowned Avraham Fried and a 13 piece band as well as the acrobatic “Twins from France.” The simchas beis ha’shoevah will also be attended by distinguished rabbanim and dignitaries.

In addition to its main mission of preparedness for any eventuality in the Jewish community, Misaskim sponsors a significant array of services of support and assistance to individuals experiencing crisis or tragedy. The outstanding chol ha’moed program they hold twice a year is just one of their many impressive services to the community. v


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