Mishnayos Learning at MAY

An investment of as little as a few minutes a day can yield incredible results down the line. That is the mantra for the voluntary post-Shacharis mishnayos chaburah at Mesivta Ateres Yaakov delivered daily by tenth-grade rebbe Rabbi Leibe Wolf.

Mishnayos learning at MAY

For over a decade, Rabbi Wolf has been delivering a 2-3 minute mishnayos chaburah at MAY to approximately 20 talmidim from all grades immediately following Shacharis. In these few minutes, the chaburah learns a mishnah or two, and over time complete masechtos and sedorim of mishnayos.

“Voluntary limud haTorah, outside of the core curriculum, is testament to the centrality and importance of Torah the mesivta inculcates into our talmidim,” commented Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe, rosh hayeshiva, “We are very proud of these talmidim and appreciative of Rabbi Wolf giving of his time over the years for this worthwhile project.”

Mishnayos learning at MAY

Last week, the chaburah was mesayim Seder Nezikin which, for the 12th-grade participants, now puts three sedorim of mishnayos under their belts — Noshim, Moed, and Nezikin. The chaburah has begun Seder Zeraim and will complete the seder before the end of the year, be’H. Mazel tov!


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