A retired doctor who had been missing in Suffolk County was found alive Thursday.

Jerome Nadler, 76, was located after a days-long search of Caleb Smith State Park Preserve and neighboring areas.

Nadler was last seen on Labor Day when he had gone fly fishing. He was discovered in a thick area of woods by a Suffolk County police K-9 unit. A 4-year-old German Shepard  picked up the scent of the missing doctor while searching the park at noon and finding a tiny vile of a fishing product. The Dog stayed by Nadler’s side until human assistance arrived.

It appeared Nadler had been there for a few days. He had been drinking rainwater to stay alive.

“He was full of bug bites. He was able to speak and he asked to have a drink of water,” Police say. “They asked him his name, he said his name and then they whisked him out of the area.”

Source: CBS 2 NY



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