by 5TJT Staff

All of Klal Yisroel is praying for the safety of missing Yeshiva student, Aharon Sofer, originally from Lakewood, New Jersey. Aharon, 23 years old, went missing on Friday. He was hiking with a friend in the Jerusalem Forest when he disappeared.yeshivaboy2
This past Saturday night, his parents travelled to Israel to help in the search.
Aharon has been described as a “quiet aidel boy” and not someone who would simply disappear without notifying others.
The Jerusalem Forest is a shortcut used very often to Har Nof from a street off Sdeirot Herzl. It is in the Bayit v’Gan section of Jerusalem.
He was walking with a friend but went down a slope on the path by himself. Since then there has been not a trace of him.
The search was conducted on Shabbos as well on account of the Pikuach Nefesh aspect of it.
The name for Tehillim is Aharon Ben Chuldah.


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