Dear Friends,

It is no coincidence that I have chosen the Bar Ilan University as the venue at which to present my political platform.

In all the officers’ training courses that I completed, one rule was highlighted: If you lose direction while navigating, return to the point at which you lost your way and from there, start again.

Here, in this place, where PM Netanyahu made his famous Bar Ilan speech, we lost our political and diplomatic direction.

Here, in this place, the National Camp accepted the principle of two-states for two peoples, as it were — in the very heart of our Land.

Here, in this place, the National Camp adopted the seed of destruction that had sprouted during the sixties in the most radical leftist camps and was vehemently rejected by the Labor camp and the sane Left.

Thus, we return to here today, to the place at which we lost our direction. We return to the national ideological foundations and to the only diplomatic principle that is just, wise and realistic:

One state for one nation in one Land.

It was former Labor party PM Golda Meir who said, “There is no such thing as a Palestinian nation”. All the heads of the Labor party always pledged that they would never recognize and never hold any type of discussions with the terror organizations that vowed to liberate the Land of Israel from its Jews.

Why not?

What did the Left once understand that even the Right today does not comprehend?

Until the Oslo Accords, the entire nation — Right and Left — understood that there is an inherent difference between border disputes with neighboring Arab countries and the conflict with the PLO.

The wars with our neighbors can be ended with one type of agreement or another.

But with the PLO, the conflict is not territorial. They claim ownership of the entire Land. The PLO is the organization for the liberation of the entire Land of Israel from all the Jews. Thus, recognition of the organization is recognition of the justice of its claim.

What we lost in the Oslo Accords, which were brought to us by the Left and the rationale for which the Right adopted — is much more than parts of our heartland. What we lost is the most powerful weapon of all: We lost the sense of the justice of our cause.

Do you understand?

It makes no difference how strong you are, how technological you are, how many fences, cement blocks and Iron Dome batteries you position. It also doesn’t matter how humane you are and how cruel the other side is. What ultimately determines world opinion is very simple:

Who is the just side of the story?

When we shook hands and hugged the most nefarious murderers, when we released them from their prison cells and gave them the heart of our Land and the holiest places in our country — we lost the basic justice and legitimacy for our existence.

That is how we got to the situation in which they can fire missiles at Tel Aviv and win …read more

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