Yisrael Eichler during a visit to the Five Towns in 2011

MK Rabbi Yisrael Eichler: The Reforms’ Fight is a bribed and corrupted Campaign
MK Eichler said in a Knesset speech that this is a campaign funded by interested parties: “Their job is to keep the reformists on the public agenda”

During a debate in the Knesset plenum, MK Yisrael Eichler (United Torah Judaism) attacked the media that’s covering the complaints of the Reform congregation in the United States and wondered about the exaggerated coverage of their case.


“There are a lot of problems in the country, and many solutions are being sought: Housing problems, livelihood problems and health problems, and what is the media in Israel busy with? The conversion problems that cut off Diaspora Jewry? As if there are no other problems in our country except for the conversion law and the Kotel arrangement! Millions of American Jews ask themselves what the noise is, what is happening there in the Holy Land, they are not interested in any of these problems, how many people need to be dealing with the conversion law and acknowledging the reforms?” he wondered.


” I would like to offer a logical explanation as to where the media campaign around the Western Wall and conversion stemmed. Most of the Jews in the United States, even those who come to Temple once in fifty years, or those that don’t come at all, are not Reform, and the Reform movement against the state of Israel does not represent them. When they arrive to Israel, they also want to respect the customs of the Western Wall, they want to come and maintain the order of the place.


According to Eichler, this is a campaign funded by interested parties. “There are organizations of professional ‘machers’ whose job is to keep the reforms on the public agenda, not to say names, they are very famous in the media, they make money and a lot of money from this struggle. This is there job to come to the American Jewry and tell them: “You should know that in Israel, you want to exclude your children, to exclude them from Israel. You should know that they do not give you freedom of religion and do not recognize you. We’ll protect you. We went to Israel, we met with Netanyahu, you saw the pictures, we told him and warned him against the persecution of Diaspora Jews. We warned them, and we fought, we appeared in all the media.” These are machers who invest huge sums in campaigns, and incite the non-religious Jews of the United States against the Jews of the Land of Israel.


“Even the Jews of the Land of Israel ask themselves: What are Reforms? what are the Orthodox? And they ask me: What am I – Reform, Orthodox? – I say: You are a Jew, I am a Jew, so what exactly is the problem? There is no problem! They are creating a problem to enrich themselves! The real problem is the corruption they cause within the government.  There are many Knesset members, ministers and judges, who get invited to travel to the United States, as if to “get to know the communities in the Diaspora”, they do not feel, perhaps, that they are actually becoming messengers of those organizations that generate these conflicts and incitements, and the Reforms invest a fortune in this matter.”


In his speech, Eichler urged the media to “lower their profile.” “Do not bring about a situation in which the Jews of the Land of Israel, instead of dealing with their real problems, will preoccupy themselves all day with the questions of which Reform Rabbi should come talk to Netanyahu about some sort of agreement  and send pictures to America to raise funds for anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish organizations” – he said.


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