Dr Alan Kadish
By Larry Gordon

Hon Shelley Berkley
Dr. Robert Goldschmidt
Dovid Lichtenstein
Dr. Albert Bourla

What an accomplishment! Touro University is celebrating their 50th anniversary. The university has made remarkable inroads in bringing higher and advanced education to a segment of the community that was, not so long ago, a bit too distant from the idea.

Today Touro has reached the pinnacle of success, with extensive professional opportunities for thousands around the world, with a focus on the observant Jewish community, with the introduction of a variety of high-level courses in an environment where frum Jewish young women and men can maintain their standards as they attain their educational goals.

This year’s gala event will be taking place on Sunday, December 4 at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, where those gathered will celebrate a remarkable half-century of impact and innovation in higher education.

The dinner will honor the indomitable president of Touro, Dr. Alan Kadish; Founder and CEO of The Lightstone Group and member of the Board of Trustees Dovid Lichtenstein; Executive Dean of Touro’s Lander College of Arts and Sciences and Vice President of Planning and Assessment Dr. Robert Goldschmidt; and Senior Vice President of External Affairs and former CEO and Senior Provost, Touro University, Western Division, Shelley Berkley.

An honorary doctorate is being presented to Dr. Albert Bouria, chairman and CEO of Pfizer.

Founded by Dr. Bernard Lander a half-century ago, Touro University has become a powerhouse in our communities with unprecedented impact while advancing thousands of students in fields that include the prestigious Touro medical school and law school.

This 50th annual event is sure to be a milestone marker as the vision of Dr. Lander and current administration at Touro celebrate their extraordinary and remarkable achievements.


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