Normally I am not one of those übermoms working till the wee hours to finish everything. I need my sleep and am ready to go to sleep not much after my children do. Housework waits. Time for sleep is limited.

But this holiday season forced me to take drastic measures. It began by doing work on motzei Shabbos. Yuck. Baruch Hashem, I am blessed with a pretty easy job that gives me great flexibility. But motzei Shabbos is motzei Shabbos. I am long past Saturday-night-date-night but I like to enjoy a little free time now and then.

Beyond my extended working schedule, I got the dreaded notice that my husband is out of socks. My children had been out of socks for awhile and I’d been hastily making almost-matches each morning to get them out the door. But this was the last straw. A dreaded sock matching night. I at least treat myself to watching a television show, something I rarely get to do, while doing this hated chore.

The night got worse. As I went to put away my children’s socks, I saw all kinds of things. Items that were put away the wrong way. Worst of all, wet underwear. I had a visceral reaction and stepped back in horror wondering what kind of cover-up was going on here, how often this could have happened, if everything in the drawer was ruined, etc. As I stepped back, I stepped on an action figure on the floor. Don’t worry. I didn’t scream out and wake the kids. My feet are so hardened by stepping on Legos they don’t register pain anymore. I gave up on all other thoughts of cleaning out the drawers, took the wet pair out, put clean matches in, and called it a night.

Even though it meant staying up even later, I felt you moms also cramming 6 days of work into 3 could use a laugh.

Chag Sameach!


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