MONICA CROWLEY: This is a holy war. This is a holy war. Whether we want to see it that way or not, whether it’s politically correct to say it or not, this is the truth. And the enemy gets a veto, they get a vote as to whether or not we’re still in this war. So this commander-in-chief can come out publicly and say, repeatedly, the war is ending, it’s over, we’re bringing home our guys.

The enemy has a vote on this and this Jihad will be perpetual until the infidel is done, gone, killed, or in submission. That is the truth of the other side. We’re in this holy war not because I’m saying it but because the enemy is saying it. We have a U.S. soldier who by all accounts now looks like he has turned and has now fighting that holy war on the other side. He better be held to account. (via The Right Scoop)

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Source: Israpundit


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