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Let’s Compromise

Dear Editor,

I don’t live anywhere near the club, but this project has occupied our conversation at our Shabbat table for two years. I personally think the project is too big but a simple negotiation and this could be over. The truth is that most people in the Five Towns don’t really care about the project. It seems there are 300 people out of 25,000 who really care and probably because they live right there.

My mother lives in Queens and she has a house that has gone through the roof in value. I would love to move her to the Five Towns but she is not going to move from a house of 42 years to another home. This alternative is perfect for her. She can play cards, listen to lectures, swim, and exercise. She drives sparingly, so this project will reduce the traffic issue and will solve the issue for neighbors who are worried about too much inventory hurting their home values. Oh, and the local residents get open space and a Shabbat park. Um … No brainer?

I think Blakeman and Edelman have the chance to end this saga and get us something. I don’t know what we need but a shul (doesn’t affect me), JCC, library, and catering hall (we all know we need that) all seem like a good trade. The owners look like they will negotiate, so negotiate! As an attorney, I can tell you there is enough leverage for us to get something valuable from the owners.

Name withheld

Support For Condos

Dear Editor,

I am a builder in the Five Towns residing in Cedarhurst. I read, with interest, the interview on the Woodmere Club published in last week’s 5TJT. I am for the condo idea due to the swift construction timeline. It will be built in a few years versus 7–10 years that 284 homes would take to build. I am 100 percent against any single-family homes. All that space should be open space and we should strong-arm the developers to give us the Woodmere Club building so it can be used for our benefit rather than their pocketbooks.


Negotiating for Results

Dear Editor,

What an amazing article! This is the first time I finally understand what is going on at the Woodmere Club. I believe that either solution of 100 homes or the alternative plan is better than the 284 home option. I cannot figure out why our elected officials don’t simply settle this controversy. Why are they wasting money on lawyers instead of just negotiating with the developers for the best project for everyone?


We Need a Library

Dear Editor,

This article [about the Woodmere Club] was long overdue. We have had so much misinformation. We have been looking for a library for so long and we need one desperately. I think we should all support getting a library.

Mark Brown

No More Homes

Dear Editor,

Traffic is crazy and we can’t find seats in restaurants, without development. Not one home should be built. The 5 Towns Civic Association needs money. We all should support their efforts to fight every development.



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