DRS scholarship recipients
DRS scholarship recipients
DRS scholarship recipients

DRS students awarded $1 million in scholarships. The department of college guidance at DRS is pleased to announce that every early-decision and early-action candidate for private colleges was admitted to the college of his choice. A big mazeltov to Yoni Goldberg on his acceptance to Princeton University and to Yehuda Schein on his acceptance to Brandeis. Eleven other seniors were accepted with an early decision to Yeshiva University and were collectively awarded $1 million in scholarships! Mazeltov to Yaakov Kaminetsky, Meir Avracen, Jacob Naiman, Ari Brandspiegel, Dovid Goldschein, Michael Itzakov, Matthew Haller, Eli Goldberg, Yaakov Scheinder, Daniel Aharon, and Yehuda Inslicht.

At DRS, the coordinated efforts amongst the college guidance office, the students, their parents, teachers, and the administration provided a comprehensive forum to help each student achieve his goal. The college guidance office and DRS staff personally advocate on behalf of the students. Mrs. Madeline Rosenberg, director of college guidance, visits colleges in the spring and fall, establishing personal relationships with admissions officers and sending the message of scholarship and achievement in the dual-curriculum high school. The relationship that DRS has forged with secular colleges and Yeshiva University is grounded in respect, affording its students strong consideration when they apply for admission.

Honors Society induction honors Superintendent Schall. On Monday night last week, DRS inducted 28 students into the Achdut chapter of the National Honor Society. Achdut, the DRS Chapter of the National Honor Society, is affiliated with the National Association of Secondary Schools. These students were selected for admission for having a minimum of a 90 academic average, as well as middot befitting this esteemed organization. The induction ceremony began with words of welcome from both Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky, menahel of DRS, and Dr. Gerald Kirshenbaum, principal of general studies. The keynote speaker for the program was Mr. Gary Schall, superintendent of the Lawrence School District. Mr. Schall represents all students in District 15, in both public and private schools.

Mr. Schall spoke on the topic of the importance of leadership and its effect on our community at large. Mr. Schall was presented with an honorary induction award to the Honors Society, and this award recognizes the great relationship between the local yeshivot and local school board. Following Mr. Schall’s speech, pairs of inductees delivered short vignettes about famous Jewish personalities from Tanach as well as the secular world who have also made tremendous contributions to society and who exemplify the middot and characteristics of Achdut: character, leadership, scholarship, service, persistence, integrity, compassion, courage, dignity, and vision. The pairs presented their famous personalities to an audience of over 200 staff members, parents, and relatives. An honorary award was delivered to Dr. Rosalie Peck, longtime head of the chemistry department at DRS. Dr. Peck teaches chemistry and AP chemistry, and she also coordinates DRS’s Science Olympiad initiative.


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