Healthy Bones. Nursery bet students are busy learning all about health and nutrition. As part of their health and nutrition unit, the students welcomed Dr. Mark Herskovits, father-in-law of nursery bet teacher Morah Temira, who talked to the students about all the bones in our bodies and what we need to do to keep our bones healthy and strong. A big thank-you to Dr. Herskovits from all the nursery bet students!

Chag HaSiddur. Not even a snowstorm could keep kitah aleph students at HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School, in West Hempstead, from bringing the house down and giving nachas to all their family and friends who attended their chag haSiddur!

Each class wowed the audience with their beautiful songs and spoken parts about davening and their relationship with Hashem, and how excited they were to receive their siddur. Thank-you so much to Morah Katz, Morah Chavy, Morah Shoshana, and Morah Zimerman for all their hard work on behalf of the students and for inspiring them to be proud Jews and daveners. Thank-you to Rabbi Brodsky for his terrific musical accompaniment and thank-you to Mrs. Tawil for helping with the set. Another big thank-you to the PTA for sponsoring the collation and for all the families who sponsored the beautiful siddur covers.

Mazel tov to all the kitah aleph students! We can’t wait to hear you daven from your new siddurim!

Rosh Chodesh Adar Celebration. Students in the elementary school and early childhood center celebrated Rosh Chodesh Adar with tremendous simcha and enthusiasm!

The students at the early childhood center started their celebrations with a joint tefillah for all the grades and then had a morning filled with music, singing, and dancing.

As Rabbi Michael Merrill, director of student programs, explained, the students had grade- appropriate activities designed to “usher in Rosh Chodesh and fill the school with a sense of festivity that was meaningful to students in each grade.” The kindergarteners—second graders were treated to an amazing and hands-on musical experience with Musical Minds. Each student received their own drum and was taught how to drum a variety of Adar songs. All the students were engaged and had an absolute blast!

The third—fifth graders had a rockin’ Rosh Chodesh assembly which included a story from Rabbi Sadigh, HANC 609 principal, music from music teacher Rabbi Brodsky, and lots of fun prizes. The sixth grade boys had a special breakfast with their rebbeim and heard an inspiring story from sixth grade rebbe, Rabbi Hoffman. The sixth grade girls, led by Morah Charna, were joined by the HANC sixth grade girls from HANC Plainview. The girls davened together, learned about Adar, and spoke about what it means to be sameach and grateful for what you have. The girls each made a list of what they are grateful for, both the big things and the small things. The girls then decorated and enjoyed Purim-shaped cookies including masks, megilot, smiley faces, and crowns. It was a delicious way to celebrate Adar! v


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