Headstones at a Jewish cemetery. A Jewish cemetery in Indiana had dozens of its headstones vandalized. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Headstones at a Jewish cemetery. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Groundskeepers at the Fort Wanye Jewish Cemetery in Indiana discovered on Monday more than 50 toppled headstones, some badly damaged, according to the Indianapolis-based television station WISH-TV.

Dan Zweigg, president of the cemetery, said he thinks multiple people are responsible for the vandalism, because it would be difficult for one individual to knock over so much granite. He noted that prior to Monday, the groundskeepers had not been at the cemetery since Jan. 7, so it must have occurred within the last three to four weeks. He said the cemetery has never experienced anything like it, Fort Wayne’s News-Sentinel reported.

The cemetery, located on Decantur Road, is surrounded by a high fence, and the entrance gate is kept locked between visits from employees or mourners. Police are investigating the vandalism, and Zweigg is working to contact the families affected by it.

“I am not looking forward to making those calls,” he said.

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