An astonishing 3,000 temperature records have been shattered across the U.S. over the past week as scorching heat and severe weather grips the nation.

The records, which were broken between June 28 and July 4, include 2,253 high and 936 low temperatures for the time period, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported.

Among the cities affected, St. Louis, Missouri has seen the mercury soar past 100 degrees for eight days in a row – its second longest streak of 100-degree temperatures since 1936.

The staggering statistics come after severe weather battered the country – including devastating fires plaguing Colorado, tornadoes ravaging Washington D.C., and storms wiping out electricity for thousands on the east coast.

And now a drought can be added to the list as the long bouts of record-high temperatures prolong and intensify the drought conditions that are putting many in financial fear.

According to the national Drought Monitor, a staggering 56 per cent of the entire country matches the qualifying factors and is considered to be in a drought.

This is the highest percentage in the 12 years that the data have been compiled, topping the previous record of 55 per cent from August 26, 2003.


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