“Let my people go crazy,” might be the newfangled message that should emanate from the office of Egyptian president, Mohammad Morsi. The people in that country have taken to the streets and are demanding, well, no one seems sure what they want except that they do not want Morsi to be president nor do they want the country becoming subservient to the radicals who are the Moslem Brotherhood.

Mr. Morsi is in a tough almost impossible situation. So what does an Arab leader do in a difficult and pressure filled time like this. Well, the best or perhaps only thing he can do is go on the assault against Israel. And that is what the Egyptian president did as he addressed hs countrymen n nationwide TV earlier on Tuesday evening. So what was his message as the country of 83 million topples around him? He said that jihad has to be something that “we do against our enemies and not against one another.”

My goodness, what could or who could Mohammad be talking about? Even as he fails and his own military is threatening to imminently dispose of him and his lying, thieving corrupt cohorts, all the president can think about or worry about is that Israel might be happy about his awful or should we say awfully good, misfortune.

This is what he said on that matter: “There are many challenges but the biggest is not to fall in the trap and take the country in the wrong direction, and make our enemies happy.” Um, hello, Mohammad, your country has been going to hell in a hand basket for a very long time. No, there may not be anything to be happy about but that doesn’t mean that there’s not plenty to laugh about.” Oy Mohammad, we will hate to see you goooooooo!!


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