(JNS.org) A 1,500
year-old mosaic floor dating back to the Byzantine era has been uncovered in
near Kibbutz Beit Kama in Israel’s northern Negev desert.

Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) archeologists discovered
the mosaic during a dig prior to a highway interchange being built in the area.
It was uncovered in an approximately 1.5-acre open field and in remarkably good

The mosaic is decorated with geometric patterns and
features designs of peacocks and doves pecking at wine grapes. IAA
archeologists consider the mosaic unique because of the large amount of motifs
in the design.

“These designs are common and known to be from this period,
but the mosaic is unique due to the large number of motifs incorporated
together,” Dr. Yigal Yisrael, the IAA’s chief southern district archeologist,
told Israel Hayom.

Yisrael added that the region where the mosaic floor was located
was home to Jewish and Christian communities who lived side by side during that

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Source: JNS.org


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