The grave of former Defense Minister Moshe Dayan has been desecrated by unknown vandals on the anniversary of his death. The words “The minister of failure, on behalf of the fallen” were painted in red on his tombstone at the Nahalal cemetery Tuesday morning.

The act was discovered 31 years after Dayan’s passing. Migdal HaEmek Police estimated that the graffiti was sprayed on Dayan’s tombstone several hours before it was found. Police have launched an investigation.

“We assume the graffiti was sprayed by citizens who were injured during the war (Yom Kippur War),” said Chief Superintendent Meni Benyamin.

Former defense minister’s tombstone defaced by unknown vandals on 31st anniversary of passing; ‘the minister of failure, on behalf of the fallen’ painted in red on grave. Dayan’s widow: They don’t even let fallen rest in peace

Dayan’s widwo, Ruth, told Ynet that “they don’t even let the fallen rest in peace. This is outrageous. Who would benefit from this? This is just evil. There are no other words to describe it.”

Yael Dayan, a former Labor MK and Dayan’s daughter, said that “I’m very saddened by the fact that the years cannot heal this type of hatred.”

The Ministry of Defense condemned the desecration of Dayan’s tombstone and said that members of the Unit for the Commemoration of the Soldier will head to the cemetery and repair the damage caused by the vandals.

Source: Ynet News


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