Yesterday, Supreme Court Justice David Schmidt’s appointed referee found that entrenched Assemblyman Dov Hikind failed to garner the adequate number of 433 legitimate Republican signatures necessary to be placed on the Republican line for the November’s election. The Supreme Court referee established that Hikind had over 344 illegitimate signatures on the Republican line. “I am also confident that with our evidence we have established the capability to knock off Mr. Hikind off the conservative line”, said Mr. Tischler.

“Assemblyman Hikind’s failure to collect enough valid signatures from the people of the District to earn a spot on the Republican line demonstrates that his support is that the people are losing faith in Hikind”, said Moshe Tischler. “The people of the District are sick and tired of career politicians that have lost touch with the people’s concerns in the community”, continued Tischler.

Is this the end for Hikind?

If Hikind gets knocked off the Republican and Conservative line, he will be facing a young energetic candidate in the Democratic Primaries on September 13, 2012. For the first time in 30 years, the race is so close we might see Moshe Tischler the 20 year old candidate, be the next State Assemblymen for the 48th district in Brooklyn representing us in Albany.

“I am confident that Supreme Court Justice Schimdt will certify his Special Referee’s finding on Monday to remove Hikind from the Republican line, I also believe Justice Schmidt will find Hikind to have insufficient valid Conservative signatures to remain on that party line as well”, concluded Tischler.


  1. Hikind has nothing what to worry about. There is no real challenge here. You are dealing with a yeshiva bucher straight out of diapers with not an iota of experience in the political arena.

    Its a joke

  2. I personally would not mind seeing some new fresh blood in the office.

    Nothing personal against Dov but this is an office for the people and sometimes one gets a bit too comfortable with his position and the public suffers.

  3. Baloney on Rey, Dov has no problem putting it together in 5 minutes, and come Monday he will be perfectly fine. Just another PT campaign by the 19 year old and it shows the perfect reason why he is not ready for a job like this.

    • I tried to reach hikind a thousand times but the same run around when it comes to helping his community. We need new blood! Mr. Tischler you have my vote!

  4. I’m voting for Tischler in the primary regardless of what happens on the GOP line.

    Hikind has been there for too long lining his pockets.

    We need fresh blood.

    Tischler- You got my vote!


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