The mother of a State Department official, Sean Smith, who lost his life in Benghazi, made an appearance on Anderson Cooper 360.  The first part of the interview was quite light-hearted, concerning the heavy nature of the subject matter.  However, it soon took an unexpected turn; so unexpected, that I don’t think Cooper even saw it coming.  The man was speechless.  The Weekly Standard gives a transcript:

SMITH: That’s a funny subject. I begged them to tell me what was – what happened. I said I want to know all the details, all of the details no matter what it is, and I’ll make up my own mind on it. And everyone of them, all the big shots over there told me that – they promised me, they promised me that they would tell me what happened. As soon as they figure it out.

No one, not one person has ever, ever gotten back to me other than media people and the gaming people.

The following exchange left Cooper visibly stunned, as she talked about being stonewalled by all the big names.  She had one-on-one conversations with Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Leon Pannetta, and the list goes on.  Out of all those big-wigs, all of them repeatedly lied and none of them have gotten back to her, concerning the details of her son’s death.  She continues…

You’ll love this. Obama told me. Hillary promised me. Joe Biden – Joe Biden is a treasure. He was a real sweetheart. But he also told – they all told me that – they promised me. And I told them please, tell me what happened. Just tell me what happened.

She continues again…

SMITH: I don’t even know if that’s true or not. No, I don’t. I don’t know where. I look at TV and I see bloody hand prints on walls, thinking, my God, is that my son’s? I don’t know if he was shot. I don’t know – I don’t know. They haven’t told me anything. They are still studying it. And the things that they are telling me are just outright lies.

That Susan Rice, what – she talked to me personally and she said, she said, this is the way it was. It was – it was because of this film that came out.

COOPER: So she told you personally that she thought it was a result of that video of the protest?

SMITH: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. In fact all of them did. All of them did. Leon Panetta actually took my face in his hands like this and he said, trust me. I will tell you what happened. And so far, he’s told me nothing. Nothing at all. And I want to know.

Yep, they told her, it was because of the film.

Then, she went on to talk about crying on Barack Obama’s shoulder.  Obama apparently stood there with a weeping mother in his arms, callously gazing into the distance:

They all came up to me and talked to me and everything. I cried on Obama’s shoulder. And he – then he’d kind of looked off into the distance.

So that was worthless to me. I want to know, for God’s sakes. Or for Allah’s sake or whoever’s sake is there.

She then finishes the interview by saying,

That would be so nice. That would at least acknowledge that I have a right to know something, something other than, we’re checking up on it, or trust me. I like that one the best of all. Trust me. I will let you know.

Well, I don’t trust you anymore. I don’t trust you anymore. You – I’m not going to say lied to me, but you didn’t tell me and you knew.

While the American people may be angry at the Obama White House for lying about Benghazi, this woman has more right than any to be livid.  At least Obama didn’t just mail her a form letter of condolence (like he does to the rest of the families of fallen troops), I’ll give him that.


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