NCSY Yom Iyun at Shalhevet

New York NCSY leadership visited Midreshet Shalhevet to run a pre-Pesach yom iyun. The day started with interesting and interactive break-out sessions with topics including: “Imagination,” led by Rabbi Yossi Schwartz; “Something to Say at the Seder: A Tour through Time and Place,” led by Rabbi Jacob Bernstein; “The Timebreakers: Running Out of Time,” led by Rabbi Manu Hass; “Free-conomics: Does it Pay to be Free?” led by Ziona Isaacs; and “The Fire You Never Saw: The Root of Redemption,” led by Mrs. Leora Lesher.

The students learned new insights into the chag, the Seder, and more. After the sessions, the whole school joined together for a game of Passover Panapoly, giving over even more understanding of the holiday, judged by Rabbi Bernstein; director of NCSY summer recruitment Elliot Tanzman; and managing director Rina Emerson. The day closed with a beautiful story given over by mashpiah of OU-NCSY Rav Judah Mischel.


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