On Wednesday, during club hour, the MSH ballroom turned into a beit midrash. In house mechanech Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss prepared an in-depth Yom Iyun as a pre-Rosh Hashanah primer. Very relevant to this time of year, Rabbi Schneeweiss focused on viduy and, more specifically, the al cheit phrases we say dealing with our lips and certain types of speech. First, Rabbi Schneeweiss reviewed ways to go about making sincere and positive changes. Discussion between the rabbi and students led to a list of the aspects required for lasting change, including accountability, a time limit, a specific definition of what they want to change, and the exact steps one must take to change it.

Once the students grasped how to make a sincere change, using an interactive PowerPoint presentation, Rabbi Schneeweiss explained the eight phrases in viduy, clarifying the difference between lashon ha’ra and rechilut, what exactly latzon (mockery) is and how it differs from chatter or siach sifateinu. At the conclusion of the program, a form was distributed for the students to fill out. It will serve as a record to help them track their success or understand what hinders their success in the areas of improvement they have chosen to take on. The form will be handed in, sealed in an envelope, and returned to be opened later this year, so the MSH students can determine if their changes have lasted and the impact their viduy has made.

Following the same theme for their Aseret Yemei Teshuvah, on Tzom Gedalia, MSH convened their own beit din to do hatarat nedarim for the girls.


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