Welcome to Shalhevet

Though short in days, the first week of MSH was jam-packed and truly incredible! Orientation; a G.O. welcome activity; getting to know the new coordinator of student activities, Nechama Strauss; meeting new teachers, new classmates, new big and little sisters; book pickup; locker assignments; and more, were crammed into a busy three days.

MSH also kicked off the special learning environment of providing both formal and informal educational experiences at MSH with two special shiurim on Friday, given by rosh ha’yeshiva Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman and Menahelet Esther Eisenman, already beginning to set the tone for the upcoming chagim! Through a love of learning, MSH’s aim is for students to develop an appreciation of Torah and halachah, as they seek to demonstrate real-world applications of these values.

The excitement doesn’t stop after the first week of school! The MSH department of student activities and G.O. has been hard at work all summer planning the 12th annual schoolwide Shabbaton taking place at the beautiful Camp Seneca Lake.

Shabbaton is one of the highlights of the extracurricular program at MSH, a highly anticipated, action-packed, and meaningful weekend retreat filled with achdus and ruach. Shabbaton is held annually at the start of the school year, bringing the MSH school community together in a more relaxed setting. Students connect with classmates as well as with girls across all grades, strengthen friendships and create new ones, and form bonds with faculty that last long after graduation.

Stay tuned for news from the mountains next week, as we continue to kick off what is sure to be an amazing year!


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