MTA Shabbaton

By Elishama Marmon (‘20)

On Shabbos, December 14–15, MTA’s Yeshiva Fellowship program, an exciting initiative that provides talmidim with additional opportunities to grow in Torah learning and develop both communally and individually, hosted their annual Shabbaton in Teaneck.

MTA Shabbaton

The event kicked off with a Friday afternoon football game, where talmidim and rebbeim from across all grades enjoyed some friendly competition. Talmidim then spent an inspirational Shabbos with their Yeshiva Fellowship mashgichim, filled with beautiful tefillos and zemiros, divrei Torah, lively seudahs, and learning.

They also welcomed eighth-graders to the Friday-night tisch, where they experienced the ways MTA’s Yeshiva Fellowship talmidim motivate each other to achieve higher levels of learning and spirituality. The Shabbaton culminated with an incredible shalosh seudos at Head of School Rabbi Kahn’s home, followed by Ma’ariv and a meaningful Havdallah.


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