By Yaakov Schwartz (‘20)

This past Shabbos, MTA juniors in Rabbi Mendelson’s shiur, along with Yeshivat Makor Chaim talmidim who spent the month learning at MTA, spent a meaningful and inspirational Shabbos at their rebbe’s home in Brooklyn. A Friday-morning tour of the Living Torah Museum set the tone for a Shabbos filled with learning and bonding, which included a yeshiva-wide tisch on Friday night, divrei Torah, zemiros, and learning sedarim. The excitement continued on motzaei Shabbos with a trip to the Jewish Escape Room, a melaveh malkah, and a great shiur from MTA faculty member Rabbi Brownstein. On Sunday morning, the Makor Chaim talmidim closed out the fantastic Shabbaton with a Blitz, which began with an interactive icebreaker, followed by a thought-provoking discussion encouraging talmidim to explore their thoughts and opinions, and ending with a moving kumzits. Talmidim truly enjoyed this memorable experience and look forward to building on its momentum throughout the rest of the year.


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