MTA freshmen at the wedding

MTA Freshmen Join Joyous Wedding Celebration

On Thursday, June 20, MTA talmidim in Rabbi Genachowski’s freshman shiur participated in the incredible opportunity to be mesameach chassan v’kallah at the wedding of an extraordinary couple who recently converted to Judaism. What an amazing way to welcome them to our community! Talmidim had a great time dancing with the chassan and even got to sing with Eitan Katz during the chuppah.

“When I was invited to this special simcha by a friend who was helping to coordinate it, I knew that I had to include my talmidim,” said Rabbi Genachowski. “Watching my talmidim generate the signature MTA ruach and excitement and contribute to the pure joy of this unbelievable couple is an experience that none of us will forget. As a rebbe, there is such tremendous nachas in joining my talmidim and participating in this meaningful mitzvah.”

MTA Program Enables Talmidim to Learn in YU Shiurim

By Mordechai Flamenbaum (‘19)

Mordechai Flamenbaum of Queens reflects on his experience learning in a Yeshiva University Shiur during his junior and senior years at MTA.

MTA is known for its emphasis on Talmud Torah and the opportunities the yeshiva offers its talmidim for growth in learning. Most yeshiva high school students spend their entire high-school career in a classroom setting. However, at MTA, select juniors and seniors are afforded the unique opportunity to gain advanced reading and analytical skills by joining one of the Yeshiva University shiurim for their morning learning.

For the past two years, I was privileged to be part of RIETS Rosh Yeshiva Rav Eli Baruch Shulman’s shiur. Rav Shulman combines rigorous cheshbon (logic) and advanced lomdus (conceptual analysis) in his 90-minute daily shiur. Participants in the program spend a three-hour seder preparing the sugya in the vibrant main Gluck beis midrash alongside the most advanced YU college students.

Being surrounded by and having the opportunity to learn from the many great talmidei chachamim and roshei yeshiva who learn and teach in YU, while still in high school, is truly priceless. I have tremendous hakaras ha’tov to the MTA administration for coordinating this amazing program, which has provided me with the environment, tools, and mentors to build a solid foundation in classical Talmudic study and has prepared me for future achievement and success in talmud Torah.


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