MTA Pink Day

MTA celebrated #SharsheretPinkDay2021 on Wednesday, February 10 and raised awareness about Sharsheret’s important programs and services for Jewish women and families facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. MTA’s Pink Day Committee, spearheaded by director of guidance, Mrs. Tamar Sheffey, visited each shiur throughout the morning (even those on Zoom!) to introduce Sharsheret’s programs and give out sweet pink treats. Rabbi Schonbrun, MTA’s chesed coordinator, worked with talmidim to create an inspiring Pink Day mural by writing personal notes and words of encouragement to Sharsheret members. Thank you to the amazing Pink Day Committee and their volunteers, Yonatan Burns, Donny Book, Matty Dreifus, Abe Friedenberg, Akiva Kra, and Aryeh Sabo, for all of their hard work! 

{IMG Central Science Laboratory Trip

{IMG Central Science Laboratory Trip2

{Caption: Central Science Laboratory Trip

Central Science Laboratory Trip

Even in times of pandemic, hands on laboratory science remains an integral part of the science curriculum at Yeshiva University High School for Girls. This week, two science classes engaged in hands-on biotechnology laboratory experiments at a full-day visit to the Dolan DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor. Students in Mrs. Ruth Fried’s AP Biology class and Mrs. Shulamith Biderman’s forensics course completed rounds of restriction enzyme analysis and bacterial transformation. Restriction enzyme analysis, a technique for comparing differently sized particles of DNA, was used to separate DNA fragments based on size and electrical charge. Bacterial Transformation is a technique by which students insert a novel piece of DNA into a bacteria, enabling it to synthesize new proteins. For their particular lab, students inserted an antibiotic resistance gene for ampicillin, tagged with a green fluorescent protein gene from a jellyfish, to develop transformed bacteria that could grow on an ampicillin-laced medium while glowing fluorescent green.

A fun time was had by all as summarized by 12th grade AP Biology student, Rebecca Silvera from Woodmere: “I loved the experience of going outside of school to take part in a fun and interesting lab. I learned how to use a lot of new apparatus and it was so cool to apply the concepts I was learning in class to hands on experiments as I was learning them. It was so special to be the first ones the DNA learning center has allowed in to study since the pandemic.” 

Women in ACE

ACE Women In Engineering Central Update

On Wednesday, February 10, Central’s ACE (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) team had the privilege of learning from an outstanding group of women leaders from Jacobs, a global engineering firm, in a program entitled “Women in ACE.” The more than 90-minute program gave team members the opportunity to interact with eight ACE professionals about their experiences in the working world, as women in the male-dominated professions as well as the varied educational and career paths they each took.

Whether they grew up with a fascination for building and creating or they decided on it later in life, each woman shared their personal and professional stories on how they ended up where they are today. Several of the women also spoke about the exciting experiences they have had in their career paths as well as their experiences working with collaborative project based teams of colleagues. Some spoke of the challenges they faced when working in a male dominated field and expressed hope for the future with the recent increases in the numbers of women in the STEM fields in recent years.

These intelligent and determined women are prime examples of what it means to push your way to the top and showed that just because women are the minority in these fields, doesn’t mean they can’t do the same things as everyone else. The ACE team also had the opportunity to ask questions of these women leaders and gained great insight into the working world for women in the ACE fields. 

Central Family Paint Night with Mrs. Victoriya Gavrielov, mother of junior Nicole Gavrielov

Self-Care Week At Central

Self-Care Week at Central has left the ladies feeling happy, relaxed, and rejuvenated! The week kicked off with “Movement Monday” in the gym, hosted by DJ Naz and Kanga Shoe Dancing! Each grade had time to “hop” around to fun music and use movement as a form of self-care. Everyone enjoyed yummy ice cream at lunch—with no technology—for “Togetherness Tuesday” and had time to bond as a grade. Togetherness Tuesday continued into the night at the Central Family Paint Night with Mrs. Victoriya Gavrielov, mother of junior Nicole Gavrielov, on Zoom. Thank you to the Ginsberg Family for sponsoring the event in memory of Maya’s grandfather, Charles Posner Koppel, Avram ben Ze’ev. Thanks to all of those who joined virtually in this community event!

“Wellness Wednesday” could not come fast enough with puppy time and hot cocoa for everyone! Thank you to Avi Benmordechai, LMSW from Center One Therapy for joining! “Go Purple Day” was celebrated on “Thoughtful Thursday” when the girls dressed in purple and supported Shalom Task Force while discussing healthy relationships. Students took time being thoughtful while journaling in their English classes with Ms. Diane Kolatch, and enjoyed a Community Mishmar Event on Thursday night with Dr. Chesky Gewirtz, PsyD, who spoke on “The Happiness Trap,” as they welcomed in Rosh Chodesh Adar. Thank you to Mrs. Aliza Gewirtz, Mrs. Danielle Wyner, and Central parents, Mrs. Gail Reichwald, Mrs. Rachel Tuchman, and Mrs. Dalia Zahavi, for all of their hard work organizing Self-Care Week! 


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