By Shua Pariser (‘20)

On Sunday, December 16, the MTA Varsity Hockey Lions played against Solomon Shechter of Long Island. The game started with a confusing first minutes, while the ball flew all over the court. The clock was ticking as the first period wound down and no goals were scored.

During the second period, Yosef Sullivan (‘20) hit the ball in the goal, but the ref saw the ball kicked in the goal, and determined that it was not a score. A few minutes later, Daniel Landa (‘19) took another attempt at the goal and earned a timeout in the penalty box. When he came out, Yochanan Zupnick (‘19) passed him the ball, he shot at the goal, and scored. The period ended with a score of 2–0 MTA.

The third period started, and around four minutes in, Yaron Kahan (‘19) tried for the net and scored. Around a minute after, Davi Hazan (‘19) passed the ball to Ephraim Landa (‘19), Ephraim shot, and scored. MTA won the game with a score of 4–0. Kudos to goalie Avi Daskal (‘19) for shutting out Solomon Shechter of Long Island.


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