Over Shabbos Parashas Vayishlach, MTA hosted its fourth annual Yeshiva Fellowship Shabbaton in Teaneck and it was once again a great success. The Shabbaton began with a few long hours of intensive football in Votee Park before the boys headed over to their respective hosts to rejuvenate and prepare for Shabbos and the exciting weekend that lay before them.

In addition to the hundred students of the fellowship, the boys were joined by fellowship director Rabbi Netanel Danto and other fellowship cohort rebbeim. The students met up again in Congregation Beth Abraham for Kabbalas Shabbos and a delicious Friday-night seudah, which was enhanced with wonderful zemiros, divrei Torah, and great food. Following dinner, students headed to the beis midrash for an hour of chavrusa learning. Fully satisfied, both physically and spiritually, everyone walked over to the Pfeiffer home to partake in an inspiring Shabbos oneg for all MTA students and prospective students as well. Though there was no shortage of candy, snacks, and cake, the singing was definitely the most memorable part of the night. “It was incredible to see well over a hundred boys and their rebbeim sharing divrei Torah and singing together,” commented Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Michael Taubes.

After the oneg, the boys returned to their hosts to spend the night and part of Shabbos day. The Yeshiva Fellowship Shabbaton resumed in the afternoon with a delicious shalosh seudos at the home of MTA parents (and graduate) Rabbi Steven and Rachel Burg. The combination of food and spirituality was present yet again.

The YUHSB Yeshiva Fellowship is an exciting initiative that provides students with the chance to be part of a select group of motivated students who are interested in additional opportunities to grow in Torah. The goal of the fellowship is for the talmidim to be inspired, and to develop both communally and individually through involvement in the many unique and special opportunities that the yeshiva has to offer. For more information, visit yuhsb.org/yeshivafellowship.


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