Multi-Sensory Rosh Hashana Fair At Gan Chamesh


The children at Gan Chamesh enjoyed a hands-on, fun-filled Rosh Hashanah fair that enabled them to internalize the meaning of Rosh Hashanah using all their senses. They painted with pomegranates, picked apples from an apple orchard, measured their height in apples, pinned shofars on a ram, listened to different shofar sounds, and dressed up as bumblebees to dramatize the honey-making process. The Rosh Hashanah fair represents one of the innovative programs that Gan Chamesh has instituted to ensure that the children truly connect with the yomim tovim. Wishing you all a shanah tovah u’metukah!

For more information about Gan Chamesh, Chabad’s Early Childhood Center, please contact Susy Adler or Suzanne Wallin, the program directors, at 516-295-2479.


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