Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie accused Egypt’s new Defense Minister, and leader of the Egyptian army’s recent coup, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, of carrying out massacres “only likened by those carried out by enemy Zionists and their treacherous agents,” the Egypt Independent reported on Monday.

In a public message addressed to al-Sisi on Sunday, the Independent quoted Badie as saying: “Sisi is even worse than the Pharaoh who used to kill the children of the believers and let the women live. You and your soldiers are worse, you kill everybody.”

On Friday, close to a hundred Egyptians died and a thousand were injured in protests that brought millions to the streets.

The newspaper quoted Badie as claiming that the current Egyptian regime, “twists the truth such that communications with Gaza are portrayed a crime while communications with the Zionist enemy are considered an honor.”

Badie accused “Zionist fingers” of meddling and being present in Egypt in order to build a “Greater Israel” and of “having killers in Libya and Tunisia assassinate political activists opposed to the Islamist current to help pave the way to remove Islamists from power.”

Last Wednesday, Egypt’s prosecutor-general Hisham Barakat ordered the arrest of nine Muslim Brotherhood leaders and allies of the group, including Badie, for inciting violence in Qalioubiya. The week before, Badie and other Islamist leaders had their assets frozen as part of investigations into allegations of incitement of violence at protests.

At the weekend, Egyptian prosecutors renewed the arrest order of Badie and two other Islamist figures for their alleged roles in recent violence in Helwan, southern Cairo, that left 20 injured.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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