z8On the frigid and windy Tuesday this past week, Mesivta Yam Hatorah went on a full day trip to Alley Pond Adventure Course in Queens. Tucked away in a small corner of Alley Pond Park, the course features a wide range of obstacles and elements designed to promote unity and teamwork among students, and give them the opportunity to challenge themselves both physically and mentally.

Upon arrival at the course, the boys partook in several basic activities to show them the ropes of communication and cooperation. They then split into two groups and worked to complete separate obstacle courses as a team, which served to refine these skills.

After lunch and Minchah, it was time to advance to the extreme elements under the careful supervision of the professional park staff. Everyone received a harness, and then took turns testing themselves to their limits on impossibly wobbly tightropes, precariously thin logs, and treacherously high rock climbing walls, all suspended over 30 feet above the ground! Even with the support ropes, the never-ceasing gusts of wind pummeled and pushed, adding to the difficulty of balancing. Great fortitude was displayed by the several students with a fear of heights as they persevered over their apprehension. The activities were eventually wrapped up, and the students piled into to the vans for the ride back to school.

Although everyone was sore and exhausted the next morning, the satisfied smiles on their faces clearly illustrated the success of the outing! v


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