Central hosted its 12th annual Names, Not Numbers film screening event. Thirty members of the senior class, under the direction of Mrs. Tova Fish Rosenberg and Rabbi Josh Strulowitz, worked the entire year on making film, which is an oral history of seven different Holocaust survivors. In order to create the film, the seniors learned interviewing skills from a journalist, and filming and editing films from a filmmaker. The end result was a beautifully done, hour and a half, high-definition film that encompassed the highly diverse stories of seven different Holocaust survivors, including a Greek refugee who hid in a monastery during the war, a German refugee to Kenya, and an Auschwitz survivor. The film also recorded the seniors reactions and reflections as they were going through the interviewing process. “Before I started filming,” commented Yael Laks,

“I was very worried about college applications, and tests, and little things. This film gave me perspective and allowed me to focus on the big problems.” Dvorah Rahimzada reflected further on the purpose of the work: “If we continue to tell this story,” she said, “we reduce the chances of something like it ever happening again.”

Parents, faculty, seniors, and community members gathered for dinner and to watch the film. Mrs. CB Neugroschl, class representative Arley Borenstein, and program creator Mrs. Tova Fish Rosenberg introduced the Names, Not Numbers project and video. Perhaps the most exciting part of the evening, though, was that a number of the survivors were able to join, with their families, for the viewing. “We thank you for your strength,” Mrs. Neugroschl welcomed them, “and for sharing your stories.”


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