1. Mistake compounded, and responsible voices must object, compelling executive-elect to rescind an ideologically-driven decision on 1/1/22. B”H Even before Bruce Blakeman assumes office as the new Nassau County Executive, malaise was creeping into our calculation as to the way to navigate his inevitable, assured repeated, but clearly preventable errors.After all, his public record, stemming from his reliable genuflection of fealty to machine Republican politics, properly concerns the alert citizen-voter. He owes his success to the mercurial Republican County Committee Chair Joe Cairo; long-tutored in ideological right-wing positions at the lap of former county chair Joe Mondello —- whom our malignant 45th President saw fit to make Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago (he resigned 1/13/21), where his inexperience and ignorance of diplomacy would not scandalously harm binational, and regional relations! Blakeman, it was pointed out often by me, is prone to make unforced errors putting on notice any savvy observer that electing him beyond dogcatcher is fraught with danger. Early on, he enthusiastically embraced the cult of personality of the man at the center instigating sedition and insurrection; even, when given the chance to renounce such anti-American activities, holding fast proudly calling himself a Trumpist! Such affirmation of misplaced loyalty arrives in the heels of two milestones reported today: that we have surpassed 50 million COVID-19 deaths pandemic worldwide, and 800,000 early, painful, unnecessary passings in our country! Yet, this untested executive has the temerity to announce that he’ll not enforce our new NYS Governor Hochul’s mask mandate to help stave off another rise in local cases as we move into another holiday season. Responsible voices must be heard in resistance and opposition to another character intent to join the interstate follies troupe. In this unenviable, dispiriting bunch are his red State cohorts —- Abbott, Cruz, DeSantis, Greene, Marshall, Perdue the list is really long! Before he utters another nonsensical policy statement Blakeman must consider that contradicting the foremost authority in combatting infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Without fear of contradiction, I assert that it’s neither good politics, nor reassuring to a public on edge believing that Bruce is “playing us” for his shrinking gallery of doubters of the vaccines’ safety and efficacy. The science is clear, and Blakeman must assume the mandate to reiterate the necessary steps to keep ourselves, our loved ones, as well as our community well, and safe: vaccinate, mask, keep social distance, avoid crowded venues, and frequently wash hands! How about it, Bruce, come to the mainstream of sanity and decency; it’s your obligation, make it your mandate to keep us healthy. With fraternal affection, Asher, Of the United States of Anxiety, Less so, since January and April 20, 2021 Revived, through the aforementioned chicanery and shenanigans!


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