On Tuesday, October 16, at 1:30 p.m., only hours before the presidential debate at Hofstra University in Uniondale, Ann Salpeter Schockett, president of the Nassau County Federation of Republican Women, announced the organization’s unanimous endorsement of Wendy Long for United States senator from New York.
Said Ms. Schockett, “Thank you for joining us on a most very eventful day! This is the date of the presidential debate being held at our very own Hofstra University, host to two of the most important debates in current American history! This is also the day on which the NCFRW is officially endorsing Wendy Long as our choice for New York’s next United States senator!”
Schockett went on to explain that “America’s on a tight timetable in more ways than one. There are 20 days until Election 2012. There are vital concerns for our electorate to fully understand and appreciate–immediately–because these are issues that will affect you, me, our children, and children’s children for decades to come!
“Wendy Long has been crisscrossing the great State of New York to spread the word about why people should support her and her platform. To describe this superb woman is to illustrate the portrait of a modern American woman, balancing family, career, charity. . . . She’s a devoted wife and mother, nationally recognized attorney, community minded volunteer. She’s our choice as the far better qualified candidate for the U.S. Senate!
“Wendy Long’s academic and personal achievements are too numerous to list. . . . Her outstanding background in law and politics on the local and national levels makes her best qualified to deal with the pressing issues of today’s America: a failed economic recovery; the lack of jobs; an unfair healthcare law; the threats against our religious freedom; extreme prices of food, gas, and life’s everyday essentials . . . and, benefits for our war torn veterans; foreclosure; shuttered small businesses; vacated hospitals and clinics; terrorism here and heightened unrest in the Middle East . . .
“And, those are just a small sample of what we’re enduring. With four more years of the current U.S. senator, only a puppet of an inadequate federal administration that is tearing down our country, piece by piece, you and I will be sacrificing in ways you haven’t even imagined and for generations to come!
“But, this is a happy moment. We have hope in our choice as NY’s next U.S. senator! There is a not a doubt in our minds that Wendy Long not only meets but exceeds the qualifications sorely needed in our U.S. Senate and by our empire state.”


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