By Deena Borenstein

This year, NY NCSY hosted an unforgettable Purim outreach event for over 40 teens from Long Island and the five boroughs. As a volunteer effort, the teens collected candy and packaged and delivered mishloach manos to children in hospitals and residents in nursing homes throughout the New York area. The teens then dressed up in costumes and arrived at the NY NCSY office for a pizza party, interactive Megillah reading, and Purim entertainment.

For many of these teens, Purim was an unknown holiday until this year. As the evening progressed, teens became very interested in and inspired by the history and customs of Purim. One local teen, a first-timer to an NCSY event, expressed, “I am definitely not used to this type of holiday, but this was incredibly inspiring.”

If you are interested in participating in any future NY NCSY events, please contact the NY NCSY office at 516-569-6279 or v


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