T. Belman. More info to follow. We already knew that Israel wanted to annex the settlements. It follows she would talk to the US about it. Once you are talking about annexing the settlements why not talk about annexing the who kit and kaboodle. MAybe that is being discussed also.

Netanyahu tells lawmakers that ‘for some time now’ he’s been holding talks with U.S. on importance of West Bank to Israel

By Chaim Levinson, HAARETZ

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that for some time now he has been holding talks with the U.S. administration about the possibility of expanding Israeli sovereignty to Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Netanyahu on Sunday blocked the advance of a bill to apply Israeli sovereignty to the settlements. The forum of coalition party heads, which convened to decide whether to support the bill, unanimously agreed to postpone the debate because of the security situation in the north.

According to Netanyahu, Israel had to avoid steps liable to embarrass the United States so as to reach understandings with the international community. The premier has used these arguments several times over the past few months in order to postpone various bills relating to annexing territories.

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