Speaking at an IDF Home Front Command drill Wednesday that simulated a chemical missile strike on a Jerusalem residential neighborhood, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of the increasing threats Israel faces from its foes in the Middle East.

“What we are seeing here today is designed to defend Israel against a cluster of new threats. These threats are accumulation (sic) around us. We are in a changing reality and in order to meet changing threats, we are investing great effort and are holding many drills,” Netanyahu said, according to a press statement released by his office.

Israel and the West have become increasingly concerned that chemical weapons harbored by the Syrian regime could fall into the hands of hostile parties as the civil war in that country plays out.

The drills, which took place within the framework of national emergency week, were meant to prepare Israelis for this possible eventuality.

Added Netanyahu: “We will do what it takes, in both organization and in legislation, in order to defend Israel’s citizens. It is possible to defend, it will not always be perfect, the protection will never be hermetic, but it is possible to defend Israel’s citizens. This is what today’s drill is about and this is what we will continue to do in the months and years ahead.”

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Source: The Algemeiner


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