Central Election Committee Chief Supreme Court Judge Hanan Melcer

JNS.org and JPOST.com– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday called for an emergency meeting with the head of the Central Election Committee, Supreme Court Judge Hanan Melcer, to discuss possible voter fraud in this week’s election.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz asked Melcer not to meet with Netanyahu, saying that it would interfere in the election and aid Netanyahu in harming the election process. Gantz requested a meeting himself with Melcer in order to persuade him not to meet with Netanyahu.

Melcer ruled that neither Netanyahu nor Gantz would get to meet with him, and told them that if they have a problem they can send him a letter.

After Melcer refused to meet with him, Netanyahu went to the Knesset and, in a live Facebook post, called Melcer’s decision to not address the issue “scandalous.”

Gantz responded to Netanyahu’s speech at the Knesset by sharply criticizing the prime minister. “After trampling the image of the police, prosecution, and Hight Court of Justice, Netanyahu is resorting to a targeted assassination of the Central Elections Committee and removing the legitimacy of the entire democratic process,” Gantz said.