Continuing his week-long trip to China, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent his second day in a continued effort to strengthen the economic relationship between the two countries.

Following a meeting with Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong, in which the two agreed  to establish a joint team to advance technological cooperation, Netanyahu said that he had come with one clear mission — to open the gateway to China for Israeli companies and added that this would help the Israeli economy to grow.

The Prime Minister also leveled praise at the country for its tolerant history toward the Jewish people . Netanyahu said that China is not only one of the few countries untainted by anti-Semitism but has also supported the Jews.

Earlier in the day, during a visit to the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, Netanyahu echoed these same sentiments. He said that even as most of the world closed its doors to the Jews 70 years ago, Shanghai was among the few places that opened its gates. He added that while the fate of the Jewish People has changed significantly since then, when Jews could only plead to be rescued, today the Jewish People has a state and army of its own, and no longer needs to plead to be rescued.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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