Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted Sunday that despite appearances, Israel is not alone in its insistence that Iran be prevented by the West from maintaining the ability to build nuclear weapons.

“I have been asked if I am concerned about standing alone in an isolated position against the world. First of all, the answer is no. This is vital and important for the security of Israel and, in my view, the peace of the world. Then certainly we are willing to stand alone in the face of world opinion or changing fashion. But in fact we are not alone because most, if not all, leaders, those with whom I have spoken, agree with us,” the Israeli prime minister said, according to a cabinet communique.

“There are those who say so fully and there are those who whisper and there are those who say so privately. But everyone understands that Iran cannot be allowed to retrain the ability to be within reach of nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said. “This was the focus of the long and detailed talks that I held with John Kerry,” he added.

Netanyahu’s remarks came as Iran and six world powers, known as the the P5+1, are engaged in negotiations over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. So far, while other countries have expressed opposition to Iran building a nuclear weapon, Israel has strongly opposed allowing Iran to retain the capability to do so.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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