(JNS.org) On the day U.S. Secretary of State
John Kerry was set to arrive in Israel for his latest attempt to revive
Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said
peace “is founded on security, not goodwill.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Credit: Cherie Cullen.

“Without security
we will not be able to defend ourselves and any peace we have will unravel,”
Netanyahu said Thursday
at a ceremony in Jerusalem commemorating the 109th anniversary of the death of
the father of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, Israel

“We remain faithful to Herzl’s vision: to establish here an exemplary
state, a modern state, a state that is rooted in our land, the Land of Israel,
but also a state that above all is able to give the Jews what was lost to them
in their years of exile–the ability to defend themselves, by themselves, against
any threat,” Netanyahu added.

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Source: JNS.org


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