On Yom Jerusalayim, PM Netanayahu swore that He will never divide Jerusalem. Then yesterday he said he was a great defender of the settlements but that he is constrained by “international considerations”. So essentially while he is trying to convince us of his bona fides, He is bowing to international pressure. In doing so he is also violating Israeli law.

The Jerusalem Law forbids the transfer of sovereignty in ?Jerusalem into foreign hands, but this is what is ?happening in practice

By Aryeh King
Politicians declare, over and over again, that Jerusalem will remain united forever and ever, but it ?seems that, in reality, the city is divided. Certain neighborhoods are closed to security forces and ?municipal enforcement bodies and there are signs forbidding Jews to enter. Jerusalem Council ?member Aryeh King describes the dismal and suppressed reality.?

For years, Aryeh King, head of the Israel Land Fund and current member of the Jerusalem Council, ?states that along with the politicians’ declarations and oaths of commitment for the unity of Jerusalem, ?our eternal and everlasting capital, the government of Israel itself is dividing the capital in practice. ?

Aryeh King has many proofs of this and he presents them in every possible forum; from legal ?discussions to official documents, and in the answers that he receives from the City of Jerusalem in ?response to his questions. All of this and more lead him to one conclusion — the Law of Jerusalem does ?indeed forbid the transfer of sovereignty over the territories of Jerusalem to any foreign body, but in ?practice, that is exactly what the governments of Israel have done, one after another. ?

King directs the main thrust of his criticism toward the present government of Israel and its head, ?Benjamin Netanyahu, perhaps because of the rightist orientation shown by many of its members, ?both now and in the past. King is very disappointed with the behavior of those who, until not very long ?ago, knew quite well how to criticize the process of nibbling away at Israeli sovereignty in the capital ?and now have nothing to say about this most problematic conduct. ?

?“The Netanyahu government made the decision to prevent Jews from entering eight neighborhoods ?in Jerusalem. In these neighborhoods Jews are forbidden to enter, and we’re not just talking about ?individual Jews; law enforcement bodies such as police, tax collectors and city municipal inspectors are ?also forbidden to enter and even governmental bodies such as fire fighters, the electric company and ?others are forbidden to enter,” he says and relates another from a series of events in which tens of ?Palestinian policemen entered the Arab neighborhoods in northern Jerusalem to restore order instead ?of the Israel Police. ?

?“These are indeed Arab neighborhoods but from the point of view of their legal status,” King reminds ?us, “they are exactly the same as the Jewish neighborhoods of Har Nof or Bayit vaGan. The ?municipality does not enter these neighborhoods to clean or deal with problems in the schools. We ?appealed …read more
Source: Israpundit


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