T. Belman. Throughout the year, Bibi yhas been trying to get Herzog into the coalition, so that He is not vulnerable to Bennett Leaving it.

It is obvious to me that Bibi wants to find a way to accept the Arab Peace Initiative. He praised al Sisi for pushing for it just recently. That’s why he maintains the construction freeze. Saudi Arabia and Blair are also involved in the effort. He is also trying to ease the blockade and assumes responsibility for Gazans. I wrote about this in Bibi’s Talking Points.

Prime minister tells reporters that he is reserving the Foreign Ministry portfolio for the Zionist Union leader. ‘

By Barak Ravid, HAARETZ

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told diplomatic correspondents on Sunday that he is interested in broadening his coalition by having the Zionist Union join the government, in part to advance “diplomatic opportunities.” Netanyahu explained that, for that reason, he is still keeping the foreign minister’s position for himself.

The Zionist Union is made up of the Labor Party along with the smaller Hatnuah party.

“At this stage, there are no contacts, but I have the desire to expand the government,” the prime minister said. “I have good reasons to want its expansion. The challenges are very big. After we pass a budget, there will be political stability, and we will need to work in a great many fields in which it’s possible that important decisions will be required to spur the economy. We are in a situation of a changing world — diplomatic threats and opportunities responding to which will be easier if the government is broader. As a result of this, I am retaining the foreign minister’s portfolio.”

In the course of the prime minister’s briefing, which lasted more than two hours, he commented on a number of subjects, including the controversy regarding the new public broadcasting corporation, the military aid agreement with the United States, Israel’s 2014 military operation in the Gaza Strip, known as Protective Edge, and the anticipated state comptroller’s report on the conduct of the operation. Netanyahu also commented on a number of other diplomatic and security issues.

A large portion of the briefing dealt with Operation Protective Edge, with the political confrontation with Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who heads the Habayit Hayehudi party, and with Yesh Atid party chairman Yair Lapid, both of whom recently criticized Netanyahu over Israel’s handling of the tunnels built by Hamas. Netanyahu also commented on the state comptroller’s report on the subject, which will be released in the coming months, saying that he wants it to be publically available. “We want all the truth on Operation Protective Edge to be out there,” Netanyahu said. “That everyone will know about all our preparations beforehand and all the actions taken in real time. No one is going to bury the report.”

The prime minister was asked about the difficult economic and humanitarian situation in Gaza and the assessment by various intelligence figures in Israel that Gaza could explode if the situation of its …read more

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